Our resort is situated in the picturesque park. 200 m from the park there is a reservoir with a guarded bathing beach and the forest area. The entire area of the resort is 9 ha. Silence and quiet, far from the city tumult is our trump. The nearest health service is at the distance of 1500 m, and the city centre of Ostrów Wielkopolski - 2500m.

Owing to its favourable geographical location in the centre of Poland Hotel-Restaurant "Borowianka" meets all the conditions for organizing professional trainings and conferences.

The virtue is the connection with urban agglomeration, cultural, business and financial centres such as Wrocław (110 km), Poznań (125 km), Łódź (140 km).

Our Hotel was opened in 1980. During the last five years a number of investments and the modernization of the building have been made, which brings our guests back, and attracts new ones. Our aim is to provide complex services at very competitive prices.

The Hotel specializes in serving the guests who participate in professional trainings and conferences as well as in organizing occasional celebrities. We had a pleasure to have as guests the representatives of various branches such as: insurance, telecommunications, forwarding, building, motor, educational, entertainment and many others.