History of the hotel

The Hotel-Restaurant Borowianka is one of the best known and reputed hotel and restaurant complexes in Wielkopolska.
It was established in 1980 as a restaurant and was originally owned by the Agricultural Production Cooperative in Borowiec. In 1986, a motel composed of several free-standing cottages was established. In 1997, the facility was sold to a private investor which, as a consequence, resulted in a complete modification to the infrastructure of the area, development of the restaurant room and the hotel facilities. The beginning of 2004 saw a new status of the facility – the motel was turned into the hotel, originally 1-star and currently 3-star.
Hotel Borowianka now

The next stage of development of our centre is the stylish inn with a grill terrace, established in 2015, which now serves as a restaurant and banquet room.

Currently, we offer 151 beds and four conference rooms, the inn for 80 persons and the restaurant composed of two banquet rooms for 150 and 70 persons, respectively.
A wide range of catering services is provided by seven qualified chefs, who have already trained a large group of young students of culinary art. We serve delicious a la carte dishes of both Polish and European cuisine.