Welcome to the hotel stable

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For many years, our passion and love has been horse-riding and particularly obtaining the harmony between the rider and the horse, which we teach to our students with great commitment.
We offer the possibility of horse-riding itself as well as individual lessons. We invite both adults and children.

We treat each person individually, trying to understand his/her needs so that he/she may achieve the best possible results in development. As the school, we have a great offer addressed to persons of all ages and at all levels of advancement.
If you have a horse and you want to provide it with professional care, you are invited to our guest-house, which now accommodates 29 horses.
We provide:

  • accommodation in spacious brick boxes
  • carefully prepared bedding
  • highest quality hay, carefully selected and free from impurities
  • loving care
  • automatic drinking trough
  • licks
  • feeding the horse with the highest quality natural feed based on oats, maize, bran and carrots
  • year-round daily outdoor pursuits
If you are interested in our offer, we encourage you to contact us at one of the provided phone numbers or e-mail address. In case of any doubt, we offer professional advice, so we can answer any of your questions.
We encourage you to contact us.